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Custom Porsche 914 LED Front Turn Signals

Custom Porsche 914 LED Front Turn Signals

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LED front turn signals with running lights for Porsche 914. 

Designed to utilize factory wiring.

Light housing assembly was designed and built using ASA (acrylic styrene acrylonitrile) plastic which makes it perfect for this application.  Resistant to impact, chemicals, weather, and UV light.

Vacuum-formed polycarbonate (Lexan) inner and outer lens provides extreme chemical and impact resistance for long life.  

All lights are behind a diffuser inner lens, with a tightly packed LED array giving a seamless light look (without hotspots associated with many LED arrays)

Running lights come in White (Standard configuration).
The turn signal comes in amber.

The Standard is "Euro configuration" (see video for demonstration).

Alternatively, these lights are available in full amber ("US configuration")

The housing is designed to use the stock housing bracket.

**These lights are currently made to order.  Please allow up to 1 week for production before they are shipped.

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